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About Us and Why We Made FieldPhotos

My name is Jerry Ostgard of Guardmen Properties, Inc. located in Henderson, Nevada, USA.  I teamed up with software developer Nick Hagihristos to bring you a useful tool that automatically uploads field taken photos directly to Google Drive and then instantly synchronizes directly to your desktop.  We call this tool FieldPhotos because it gives your office a view of what is happening in the field, in virtually real time, as if you were in the field with your crews.  It’s amazing to see photos taken hundreds of miles away or just across town showing up on your desktop in seconds. We promise, you will be amazed!

You see, I searched for years for a solution to a huge problem I faced with several field crews taking between 400-600 photos each per day.  We tried most of the photo uploading systems that are available and we just did not find one that met our needs.  Some were just too complicated, too expensive to operate or they just did not work as expected.  Finally we just made our own.  That was only possible with the attention to detail that Nick Hagihristos brought to the app development team.  At the end of the day we wanted a mobile app that eliminated our photo retrieval problems and that is what we have today.  The office runs much smoother when photos stream directly onto our desktop computers. We are hopeful that we can help others that are plagued with similar photo retrieval problems so that you can experience the same measurable results that we have.

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