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Kristyn C, Photo Processor

I think FieldPhotos has made our jobs so much faster and easier. It eliminates room for error, and you don’t have to worry about losing memory cards or photos anymore. It’s very simple and does everything for you. All you have to do is look in a folder on your computer and every picture you took is there in seconds! – Kristyn. Photo Processor

Amber L, Operations Manager

As the operations manager, I continually find useful benefits with utilizing the FieldPhotos App. From instant quality checks, to tracking my crews during their daily routes, this app simplifies my supervision duties and allows me to spend more time on other tasks. FieldPhotos saves time because photos are uploaded instantly to our office, rather than waiting until the end of the day when all crews have completed their work, to finally collect the photos to provide to our clients. The FieldPhotos App has streamlined the processes of property preservation in so many ways, I cannot imagine working in this industry without it! The application is extremely user friendly. Once the app is set up on your smartphone/smartcamera, there is minimal maintenance required. All you have to do is take photos.

Christina A, Photo Processor

The FieldPhotos App has enabled us to process orders throughout the day, which has kept orders from piling up at the end of the day because before FieldPhotos all of the photos would come in at once. It has also enabled us to process more orders, quickening our turnaround times.

Kristyn C, Photo Processor

The FieldPhotos App has made communications with our field crews a whole lot easier. Some situations we run across are hard to explain and with us being able to see photos as they are being taken we basically see step by step what our contractor sees in the field. This helps out a lot when we need to make quick decisions about a situation at a property. This eliminates silly mistakes in field, drive time from going back and fixing, and phone minutes from trying to explain those weird situations.

Brittany W, Photo Processor

Before using FieldPhotos our office was a bit behind on completing our work. We were rushing at the end of the night trying to get our work in, work was late and each day we were wondering how we would complete all this work when it came in, in such bulks. But then came along the FieldPhotos App and it has made our office’s life so much easier. We are able to get the photos in throughout the day and process them on time. Not only are we able to process those photos but also see if our contractors are at the correct home, the work they are completing is correct and if the home needs additional work. I cannot express enough how much easier and smoother our office now runs with this app. If we had only had this months even years ago who knows where our company would be.

Hector M, Sub-Vendor

I have been in the construction business my entire life, and am not “computer savvy” to say the least. This application has made my life so much easier. I work for multiple clients that require before/during/after photos of the work I perform. The last thing I want to do after a long day on the job is sit at the computer for countless hours sorting, organizing, filing, zipping and finally emailing photos, only to get an error that my email is too big to be sent! This app does all the work for me allowing me to focus more on the task at hand and deliver quality work in shorter times. Thank you FieldPhotos for helping me grow my business and provide better service to my clients!

Eric R, Preservation Securing Supervisor

Working in the property preservation field can be risky a times. Having the FieldPhotos App continuously stream my photos to my employer provides me assurance that I am completing my work correctly, and most importantly completing work at the correct property. I think the biggest nightmare in this industry is transposing an address and accidentally performing work at the wrong property. My employer can see which house I am at and verify that the photos of the address I have taken match the address on the work order and also match previous photos of the property in question. This crucial step can save you from making very costly mistakes. The FieldPhotos App gives me the peace of mind that I am clear to change locks, or remove debris, or complete countless other tasks knowing that my work is being monitored and authorized throughout the day.

Stephanie V, Quality Assurance Manager

With FieldPhotos, productivity has greatly improved in our office. Having the photos stream in throughout the day helps us manage where our contractors are and enables us to process orders throughout the day as they are completed. No more having to wait on contractors trying to find the time to bring their photos in.

Jerry O, Business Owner

As a business owner of a service company that requires photo documentation in order to get paid we have continued to look for ways to insure that our employees and sub-vendors turn in photos at the end of the day. Losing the photos for any reason means that we lost the proof that the work was completed. We have tried many programs, apps, WiFi SD cards with limited success. Then we found FieldPhotos automatic photo uploading app and it has given us peace of mind knowing that all my crews have a tool that lets them automatically upload every single photo they take directly to my office computer where my staff of processors can QC and complete orders steadily throughout the day. A direct cost reduction was realized by reducing our office hours by two hours per day, saving me thousands in payroll. We are also reducing our average turn time on work orders earning us lower discounts with our key clients.

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