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Set of touchscreen smartphonesFieldPhotos works with any customer supplied Android SmartPhone, SmartCamera or Tablet version 2.2 and higher offered by numerous cellular service providers.

Most of our customers use SmartPhones along with the FieldPhotos app with amazing results.  They have one device that they use for phone calls, text messages and a built in camera for picture and video taking.  These SmartPhones are offered by several manufactures from various cellular service providers.  With hundreds of models to choose from already and new ones being deployed monthly, FieldPhotos will give phone owners instant photo uploading and desktop synchronization capability.  Before you buy a SmartPhone for use with FieldPhotos try the camera feature of the device to make sure that it captures a quality photo, and captures it quickly.  This will allow you to take quality photos that will stream to your desktop at a very rapid pace.

galaxy-camera-pair-580x416Some of our customers are using SmartCameras.  Now these businesses are taking thousands of photos each month and tell us that once they started using SmartCameras they had a hard time going back to the SmartPhone.  They tell us that as fast as they can press the shutter button they capture the photo and when combined with FieldPhotos they are seeing an average desktop sync time between 3-9 seconds depending on cell service and file size.  The only one we have seen so far is from Samsung.  It is called the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  They are available in the USA from AT&T and Verizon Wireless.  What is nice about these cameras is that they have a built in 4G cellular service along with WiFi that can be used to upload your photos, receive email and provide navigation.  They can do everything but make or receive phone calls or text. They have a very large battery and a great flash so even if you have to take 400 photos at one time you will have the power to take the pictures and upload them instantly with your FieldPhotos app.  The cameras also a have really good zoom lens for taking clear photos from long distances.  These cameras are available for purchase only and they are a little pricy at $550 each.  But they only cost you $5.00 month to add them to your Verizon Wireless Share plan.  The cost of operation on the Verizon Wireless share plan is minimal when you set the FieldPhotos app to VGA 640×480 compression.  For example you can take 10,000 photos and consume less than 1 Gigabyte per month at a cost of $10-15.  These devices will also be easier to take thousands of photos with due to the location of the shutter button and they are blazing fast.

samsung-galaxytab2-10-main-wide-lgTablet users are on the rise and with so many to choose from it is driving prices down on these devices.  Many users are car and motorhome dealerships. They use FieldPhotos for photo uploading to the processors and then also run the VIN number scan app offered by others.  This is a immerging market and expect the use of Tablets in many markets.  Tablets are also available as an add on to your Verizon Share plan for as little as $10 per month.

Sorry, but at this time FieldPhotos is not available for Apple devices.

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